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April 19, 2009

Internet and friendships

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How long? About two months, huh?

I’m coming because I missed it. Yeah, true, but I wouldn’t even remember about it if Stephen didn’t make me to. So you ask: who is Stephen? I say: Stephen is my friend. You ask again: where did you know him? I say again: Internet! Isn’t it amazing? If you say no, you probably never tried this.

Theres a lot of people talking by Internet around the world.

There's a lot of people talking by Internet around the world.

I’m at Internet since I was about seven years. I used to have fun at ICQ – which my dad introduced me to. I neighter had friends there to talk, but I talked to my cousin (who lives far not so far from me) and to a friend of my dad – who said that was going to marry me someday, há. He was 19 those days, now he should be… *thinks* probably 30. Wow, i wonder if he’s already married *laughes*.

Well, about an year after I signed ICQ, my best friend at school signed too, so we were two eight-year-olded girls talking there at every single sunday night, after chatting at Turma da Monica’s chat, where I would know my first online friend – who would be my first boyfriend and the first guy I trully loved. *ew, so sweet*

In 2003, I signed a forum about Harry Potter. I had a lot of experiences with instant friends at chats – specially that Turma da Monica’s one. I also had a friend who was Egyptian, her name’s Nihal. My English was terrible those days (well, it’s still a little HAHA but was REALLY terrible, I swear!), but she could easily understand me – well, it seemed like she was understanding me. Anyway, we used to talk at saturday nights, but so she just dissapeared. Há. So was May when I missed that chat of my childhood (I was a child still, but I thought I wasn’t at all HAHA) and went there. Guess what? There’s a guy, same age as mine, who started talking about Harry Potter. He gave me his ICQ and so we started a conversation. Well, I’m not going to tell you this whole story, but then he was a real good friend and I fell. In love.

It was my birthday party at December, the same year, and my friends were going to sleep at my house, so we turned on the computer and I was going to show them that perfect boy I have fallen into, haha. Then I got surprised, because he told me he was in love with me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Yeah, they watched it in real time – and do I need to say how was the night and the day after? HAHA, they laughed a lot about it – according to them, it was really FUNNY how I couldn’t stop talking about him. And it was true.Resuming it: we last together about two years, but he always dissapeared for some little time and came back suddenly. Huh, actually he still doing that, haha. But it doesn’t matter to this story.

I guess it was 2004 when I really started having friends at that Harry Potter forum I signed an year before. I met a lot of nice people and 2005 was better: I really have friends and we used to have a lot of conferences at MSN, which I was into also to talk with my school and ex-school friends. I’m used to remain these contacts by Internet.

Well, my friends group was growing and growing up: my ex-school friends introduced me some new people, who I knew first by Internet – now we’re best friends at real world. I knew personally some of my online friends – Leonardo is the champion, he met me about three times, I guess. Actually, our families also met and they loved themselves HAHA it’s so great, you don’t know HOW it’s great. Then, my family understood I could judge who could be a real friend and who couldn’t.

Other person I met personally was Júlia. She’s really nice and I met her when I was at Florianópolis, traveling with my high school friends. She went to my hotel and, now, she’s even my high school’s friend friend, haha! So nice!

And finally… when I signed Twitter, I had a lot of people following me but I wasn’t following everybody – for sure, there’s a lot of spam. Anyway, I liked that and I told my friends. They signed it too and now I have a lot of them. Actually, I also started following some friends’ friends and them I’m knowing new people – the last ones I started talking with were @bbelle_ and @bstyle, who added me at MSN and we’re going to laugh together there, HAHA. And I kinda met one of the friends I got there personally yesterday. Who was it? Stephen, of course! We got together at Skype for almost (or more than?) three hours, talking, and it was REALLY nice! I loved it and I’m expecting we can talk again.

I just wanted to say one more thing: Internet is a good way to make friends, believe me. It’s also a good way for you to know how to make them and become more talkative and stuff. That’s my own experience.

I hope I’ll see you again soon, I’m working now! (H)

Cheers and nice holiday – for Brazilian people.

Listening to A Horse With No Name – America.


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