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February 18, 2009

Just starting…

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Did you ever think that you were going into something you don’t know? Probably yes, but did you ever REALLY feel like losing yourself into the water, as going under and never getting surface again? That’s just how I feel.

Well, years and years and years ago, I was a thirteen-year-olded child that was getting the Internet. Two years before, I started writing Harry Potter fanfics and so I wanted more and more and more – what blogs could give me. As a silly child (it sounds funny), I wrote my life in Bligs (Brazilian IG server) and Webloggers, and then anyone exists anymore. So I started into Blogspot (which I still love – don’t be jealous!) and a friend recomended me WordPress. As I saw written in somewhere, WordPress is recomended for the top bloggers, what make me feel a real shit – so I got the name, shit just EVER happens and it’s so true anyone can deny it.

Well, I’m trying to custom it for one hour and a half and I guess I already gave up. Maybe someday things will go their way and I’ll learn it. But for now I’m doing fine, just my simple way and I hope people like it. “Like what?”, you may be asking me. It’s a blog – you know what it means. I’m a writer (it not necessarily means I’m a real writer, but I write for a long time and people say I do it right, so I call myself like this) and I’m gonna write everything I want to, with the most high quality ever, HAHA. For me, I mean. Everything I do is for me and for people who may like it – what I expect is your case and so many other’s.

Just to tell you something, I’m a 18-year-old Brazilian girl and I’m kinda fluent in English (not exactly graduated, but I can understand and be understood and, well, no matter I’m officially just Intermediate). I hope you really like it (:

See ya later, guys.


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