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February 20, 2009


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I’m sorry for not coming as fast as promised. Some things happened and, well, I also had to clean my house to get new pens (mother gave me). By the way, I bought some today.

As you may not know (you should be thankful), Carnival is coming. As neighter I know, it goes from sunday to tuesday.

I never liked Carnival. Okay, I live in Brazil, butI hated it since I was a kid – I just don’t know why. Actually I have a point about those parades, but I don’t want to talk about that. The fact is that, this year, I’m going to a Carnival party. It’s going to happen in a Japanese club and me and my friends are going there to help the taiko group which one of my friends dance for. And I’m with my friends, so it must be funny.

If I never liked Carnival, why am I going there? The answer is the most simple ever: I always get a horrible bad mood on these days. This time, I’m gonna get over it and do something good, not just die sleeping. There’s just a little problem: I don’t know how I’ll feel there. I know it’ll be at least cool, because I’ll be with my friends, but those musics plus people dancing plus the fact that I should dance (I dance, sometimes, but it’s not… erm, good) is driving me mad.

Okay, just some things I had on my head. I just don’t know how to behave in a Carnival party. When I find out, I tell y’all.

PS: I’m sorry, I know this post seems horrible, but I’m not feeling like writing, just wrote that because I wanted to post something. I’m really sorry, don’t judge me for this one!


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