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February 18, 2009

Easy Life

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Do you know? I just realized my life sucks. Okay, not completely sucks, but anyway. Just imagine this scene: you’re in the living room, watching FRIENDS on Warner Television. You feel nothing, just impassive. You’re missing everything and everyone and, at the same time, you want to be alone and go out, do something and drink a Starbucks’ mocha with a perfect blueberry muffin. But you can’t, once someway you don’t want to.

Keep on this scene: FRIENDS is over, you don’t feel better and you look around. Your chihuahua is sleeping and so does your grandma. So you look outside, and your cat is sleeping on the grass, feeling the 2 p.m. breeze. Good for ’em, I don’t feel like sleeping and neighter feel better. In fact, there are some little things that would make me better.

1) I would like to ride my bicicle, but I don’t feel like.

2) I would love to have somebody here to watch some freak junkie movie, as Anaconda or Python or these crazy sci-fi things I like.

3) I would like to have somebody to take me out of home, appearing as a surprise in my house.

4) The most probably one: I would like to buy some pens.

Okay, I know I should look like a mad girl (aren’t I? thank you, feel better now), but I’m REALLY addicted on pens, pencils and stuff. On monday I went out with a friend to downtown and I went in on a store and bought two 0.7 pointed gel pens and three pencils (it’s not my fault, the pencils were really cool!).

I’m not feeling better. Or I am. I don’t know. It’s a crazy life which makes us do and say crazy things – Michael BublĂ©’s philosophy a little modified.

I gotta stop my chihuahua yelling at everybody who crosses the street.

Cheers (for you),



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